David Lees Freelance Web Developer


Contact me to arrange for a free consultation about website design, costs, development and maintenance, and any other website questions you might have.

To get a website there are three things you need to do:

Register a Domain Name

I recommend Godaddy for this. Beware: Godaddy will try to sell you stuff that you don't want or don't need before you are allowed to pay for the registration of your chosen domain name.

Hire a Website Hosting Service

For this I recommend Stormer Hosting to store your website files so they can be placed on the Internet. Stormer Hosting provides excellent customer service. Contact me and I will tell you how to do this.

Hire a Website Developer

For this you will have to hire a website developer to build and maintain your website. I'm no longer available to do this, but I can recommend someone who can, a website developer who can design and build a website that works on both computers, smartphones and tablets, responsive websites. I still may maintain my client’s websites.