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Email me about any questions you might have about getting a website, website development, or website maintenance.
There are three things you need to do to get a website:

Register a domain name
For this I recommend Be carful if you do this because will try to sell you stuff you don't want or don't need before you can pay for the domain name you selected. There are many other companies that register domain names: Hosting Matters and Network Solutions, for example.

Hire a website Hosting service
For this I recommend Stormer Hosting. Email me and I will tell you how to do this.

Hire a website developer
You may want an ordinary website that works only on desktop computers, or you may want a responsive website, one that works on the humdreds of different display sizes being used today. I am available to do this if I can meet your requirements. If I can't, I can recommend someone who can.
Here's a list of the web addresses of my non-responsive client's websites

  • A new young artist
  • Abstract paintings
  • A Tarot Deck with inspiring paintings
  • Original paintings and giclĂ©es
  • Sculpture, ceramic, bronze & stone
  • Original CDs and dramatic works
  • Art: an alternate view of our public icons
  • Publisher of books on ships and the sea
  • An encyclopedia of the 1960s and 1970s
  • A true story about the HOLOCAUST
  • Italian California Cuisine on the Monterey Peninsula
  • A unique Jazz Singer from the 60's
  • Force-free Pawsitive dog training in Arizona
  • Residential architecture
  • Creative floral arrangements and design concepts
  • Women of British heritage living in CA
  • Assists children and adults to achieve their goals in school and workplace
  • Provides services for culinary workers
  • Prevention of and living with strokes
  • Deluxe & standard villas with private outdoor hot tubs
  • Luxury Dog Beds - and Cat Beds, too
  • Custom blended pipe tobacco
  • Antique, trade, Czech beads, and African art
My client, Michael Bobay, has a responsive website that I built in 2014.
Last updated 0n 8/26/2017

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